Two Main Categories In Which You Can Classify Almost Every Chaise Lounge Chair On The Planet?

There are mainly two important categories – one is the Récamier type and the other is Méridienne type. So let’s see in detail what does each of them means. The former one is the type of chaise lounge chair which comprise of two raised ends. These type of chaise lounge chairs have a neoclassical style of design and represent a symbol of space and richness in their upholstery. These chairs are usually pretty much wide in breadth and have rich designs and materials used in the making. Nothing less than top quality materials are used in their making.  They do not come cheap and would definitely require you to shed a lot of money from your pocket if you wish to own one.

They possess quite a bit of sophistication and complexity in their design due to which the price tag gets justified. They never compromise on quality and are always made up of top quality materials. Usually, they are used for indoor purposes and becomes the center of attraction of any room in which they are kept. They are pretty much heavy and bulky and large in size or it must be said that – they are oversized because of which they are the perfect choice for large room spaces. They possess a bold and beautiful look and feel and design and to be honest, are the only best choice for living rooms.

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On the other hand, the later one is the perfect choice for either the bedroom, or it can even include your living area or along the poolside or at the backyard of your house. These types of chairs are both suitable for indoors as well as the outdoor environment. They usually comprise a high headrest and a slope is present at the side of the footrest. The footrest is also quite low in these types of chairs. Considering in terms of design aesthetics, these types of chairs are asymmetrical in design and are mostly considered as daybeds for days use in the outdoors of the house. The main advantage of these types of chaise lounge chairs is that they do not consume much space and can be easily accommodated in your household. So don’t worry about making extra space to accommodate your chaise lounge chair.

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